Payment terms and price list

The law firm provides services on the basis of the established price list. The Bureau may unilaterally change the price list. In this case, the service is provided to the client on the basis of the price list valid at the time of ordering the work.

The calculation of the time fee is hourly, with a cost of one hour being 40 EUR (40€ /1h).

Kiirtöö (24h jooksul) töötunni hind 60 EUR. Eelkõige on tegemist üldise konsultatsiooni hinnaga, kohtuasjade hind lepitakse kokku eraldi. Kohtuasjade hinna kokkuleppimisel võetakse arvesse asja õiguslikku keerukust, selle mahukust, ajalisi võimalusi jm tegureid. Küsi pakkumist!

The customer undertakes to pay for the services provided if there is no other agreement between the parties. The initial consultation via e-mail may be free of charge, but it depends on the circumstances of the particular case and the agreement of the parties. Payment is made on the basis of an invoice.

The office and the client can agree on different bases for calculating the price: 1) time fee - the fee is calculated for the hours worked, the minimum unit is 0.5 h, 2) performance fee - the client pays the office an agreed base price plus a performance bonus depending on the results achieved, 3) fixed fee.

The office has the right to ask new clients for up to 50% of the price of the work in advance. Work will not start until the prepayment invoice is received.


For persons with a negative credit history and debts, the office may refuse to provide the service, in which case an advance payment of 100% will be applied. Work will not start until the prepayment is received.


The client bears the additional costs to the legal service, which arise from the actions performed in the interests of the client, eg state fee, notary fee, translation costs, departure from the office, etc.

The client has the right to get an overview of the work done and timekeeping from the office. The calculation includes the time spent, its price, quantity, description of services and total amount.

Fixed price services

Debt collection and debt collection

Name of the service

What does it cover?

Price formation / amount of fee

Collection 1. Initiation and execution of payment order proceedings

Submission of an application, communication with the court and, if necessary, the debtor, other actions


Forwarding the decision to a bailiff 

1) Avalduse koostamine on 150 €.

Collection 2. Filing an action against the debtor in court, representation in a case

1) The need may arise from the transfer of the order for payment procedure to the action procedure. 

2) Preparation or representation of an action with a separate claim in the proceedings


Forwarding the decision to a bailiff

1) The preparation of an action depends on the volume of the original documents and is in the range of 100-300 € / action

2) In the case of an efficient procedure (debt is recovered in full or in part), a performance fee of 5-10% is added; the amount of the performance fee% decreases with the increase of the satisfied claim 

Collection 3. Filing a bankruptcy petition against the debtor in court

1) Preparation of an application, representation in proceedings 

2) Further communication to complete the solution 

1) The preparation of the application depends on the volume of the original documents and is in the range of 100-300 €

2) In the case of an efficient procedure, the performance fee is added according to the agreement 


NB! In agreement with the client, we may also provide opposite actions (eg responding to a letter of demand, payment order or statement of claim, preparation of a bankruptcy application of a company or individual), in which case the price and conditions are agreed. In case of conflict of interest, the service will not be provided.

Äriühingute teenuste hinnakiri:

Service name and content

Amount of fee in euros

Osaühingu (äriühingu) likvideerimise läbiviimine: koostame vajalikud dokumendid, esitame need äriregistrile; vajadusel on meie jurist ka likvideerijaks


Price negotiable, from 350

Äriühingute ühinemise või jagunemise läbiviimine: koostame vajalikud dokumendid, esitame need äriregistrile;

Price negotiable, from 350

Äriühingu ümberkujundamine (nt AS-i muutmine OÜ-ks jms): koostame vajalikud dokumendid, esitame need äriregistrile;

Price negotiable, from 350

Äriühingu asutamine

Price negotiable, from 100

Dokumentide esitamine äriregistrile: aitame koostada dokumente ja esitada need Äriregistrile (organite otsused, protokollid, juhatuse vahetamine, andmete muutmine jms)

Hind kokkuleppel, alates 50

Kaubamärgi registreerimise teenused

Hind kokkuleppel, alates 200




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