Principles of the use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies cookiesare small text files that are stored on the User's computer or device by the browser when visiting the website. Cookies help make the web service easier and more convenient to use. With the help of cookies, it is possible to analyze the usability of the website and offer the User a better service according to his / her preference. We ask the User for consent to the use of cookies that are not essential for the use or operation of the website.

What cookies does the Platform use?

There are different types of cookies and they are generally categorized according to the time of their installation (temporary or session cookies and permanent cookies) and affiliation (author's or third party's cookies and third party's cookies).

The Platform uses Google Analytics services to collect the following cookies from the Platform:

  • First-party cookies - cookies that come from the Platform's website. They store information that can be reused the next time a user visits a website.
  • Third-party cookies - come from ads on other websites that are located on a website that a user visits.
  • Temporary or session cookies - cookies that the computer deletes after closing the browser. Temporary cookies are used to provide the user with a more convenient way to use the browser.
  • Persistent cookies - are cookies that are stored on the user's computer even after the browser has been closed, which are accessible and can be used by the owners of specific cookies.

How to block and delete cookies?

The user can block or delete stored cookies or withdraw consent to save cookies on their computer or device. Depending on your browser, here are some tips on how to configure the most common browsers for cookies and security settings:

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