The areas of legal services of Erovik Law Office are the following: family and inheritance law, contract law (debt law), commercial law, labor law, real estate law, apartment associations, bankruptcy and enforcement law, assistance in expedited payment order proceedings and protection of personal data.

We are focused mainly on solving problems arising from civil and commercial law. We help, in particular, in the event of property disputes, disputes arising from contracts and employment relationships, and we also assist when it is necessary to prepare the documents necessary for the operation of companies and perform duties in the Estonian Central Commercial Register. We will find solutions when it is necessary to get back debts. We consult on bankruptcy law issues.

Family and inheritance law

We advise on all matters related to family law. We can help if you need help with the following problems: divorce and legal separation, matrimonial property regimes (joint and separate property), matrimonial property contract, maintenance, maintenance, parental rights and obligations, access rights, custody, adoption, etc. We help to prepare the necessary documents, we represent in negotiations and court proceedings. We also advise on inheritance law issues.

Labor Law

Whether your business is small or medium-sized, the Estonian market can have great potential for many corporate entities. Estonia's business environment is well-known in the world due to the high level of digitization. But how to expand its Estonian market?

To launch your business successfully in Estonia, we assist you and your company for a variety of matters such as filing related forms, assisting investments, and providing business and tax consultations.

We recognize your need for an Estonian e-Residency. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity, and a status that provides access to Estonia's transparent digital business environment. We protect the best interest of our clients so that business owners can concentrate on daily operations.

Estonian Immigration Law

As a member state of the European Union, Estonia shares European values, respect for human rights, and applies a common European Union immigration policy. Estonian immigration policy has historically aimed at facilitating the settlement of those aliens in Estonia, whose residence here is consistent with the public interest. The rights of European Union citizens and their family members concerning residence and employment in Estonia are set out in the Citizen of the European Union Act.

A foreigner (a third-country national) must obtain a residence permit for employment or his/her short-term employment must be registered to work in Estonia. Short-term employment in Estonia (up to 365 within 455 days or, in the case of seasonal work, 270 days within 365 days) does not require a residence permit.

To engage in short-term employment, a foreigner must have a legal basis (a visa or other such) for staying in Estonia. For long-term employment in Estonia (more than 12 months), a foreigner must apply for a residence permit for employment. The number of foreigners who can come to work in Estonia based on a residence permit is limited – their number must not exceed 0.1 percent of Estonia’s permanent population a year.

The quota does not include people in the exempt category, such as top specialists, the employees of start-ups and ICT areas, etc.

Many of our clients are foreign nationals who need to apply for a non-immigrant and immigrant visa at the Estonian Embassies. Our team provides one-stop services from preparing visa application documents and exhibits to organizing visa interviews and deliveries for our valuable clients.

Assistance in payment order procedures

At the customer's request and on the basis of the information provided by the client, we prepare an application for urgent payment order proceedings, and we can also assist in responding to a payment proposal and contesting a payment order or represent them in court proceedings.

Real Estate Law

We can help you with all matters concerning the purchase and sale of real estate in Estonia, as well as renting out real estate (both commercial real estate and apartments). We help to analyze and prepare contracts, advise on the conclusion of notarial transactions. We have the necessary experience in the legal proceedings for the termination of co-ownership, and we can also help in the event of problems with the division of the matter into real parts, awarding compensation to the other co-owner, organizing an auction, etc. Our service also includes advice on the establishment of property guarantees, i.e. issues such as mortgages, commercial pledges, etc. We advise on land register entries, servitude, right of re-ownership, neighborhood rights, etc.

We can also help in finding solutions in situations related to the application for building permits and permissions for the use, design, and planning of a real estate project. We have expertise in the preparation of construction agreements, e.g. drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contractual documents like subcontracts, purchase orders, teaming agreements, joint venture agreements, release forms, warranties, etc.

Business law

We can help with all matters concerning the activities and management of companies. The types of companies are general partnership, limited partnership, private limited company, public limited company and commercial association. We advise on the following issues: choice of business name, operations and entries in the commercial register, establishment of companies, mergers, divisions and transformations. We prepare the necessary documents and assist in administration, as well as in communication with business partners or third parties. Company documents may include the following: articles of association, statements, management decisions (eg resolution of shareholders or management board), reports, capital contributions and changes in size, reduction of assets, trade secrets, termination and liquidation, etc. We offer our services as a "full package" (ie we do everything the operations and documents ourselves), as well as we can create a few individual documents or perform activities that the customer wants separately.

Labor Law

We provide legal assistance to both employees and employers. Labor law issues in which we can help clients include: the rights and obligations of the employee and employer in employment relationships, problems with pay and wages, working time issues and medical leaves, preparation of job descriptions and arrangements, illegal employment discrimination and retaliation, wrongful termination, whistleblower claims, disability benefits, unfair competition, contractual penalties, harassment at work etc.

We assist in the case of formalization, amendment, and termination of the employment contract. We prepare all documents.

We counsel on labor issues of the gig economy and online platform workers. We have long-term experience in resolving labor disputes both in the Labor Dispute Committee and in court.We can advise the parties on negotiations and find a peaceful solution (compromise).

Protection of personal data

We also advise clients on personal data protection issues. For example, situations, but someone has used your personal data without your consent, processed it on their blog or website. We can assist the Data Protection Inspectorate in drafting a claim, negotiating the termination of unauthorized processing, as well as in preparing a complaint.

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