We also advise on bankruptcy law. According to the law, bankruptcy is the insolvency of a debtor declared by a court order. A debtor is insolvent if he is unable to satisfy the creditor's claims and this failure is not temporary due to the debtor's financial situation.

A debtor who is a legal person is insolvent even if the debtor's assets do not cover his obligations and such a situation is not temporary due to the debtor's financial situation.

We assist in the case of formalization, amendment, and termination of the employment contract. We prepare all documents.

Advice on enforcement matters. Enforcement is a mechanism created by the state to force a person to fulfill his or her obligation. Through enforcement, the state ensures legal peace and legal certainty in society in the broadest sense.

We can help in communication and negotiations with bailiffs and claimants - to file objections, complain about the bailiff's activities, request data and information, monitor that the procedure (eg seizure, recovery of the claim) is carried out correctly, etc.

We can advise and, if necessary, represent the parties to the proceedings - both the debtor and the claimant.

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