I was in a tumultuous youth, often acting recklessly, which is why the county court convicted me in 2013, imposing a financial penalty on me. However, the same decision did not enforce the sentence during a probationary period of one year and six months. I would like to write to the bailiff to close the proceedings due to the limitation period and not to recover this amount. Is this claim obsolete by now?

According to the Code of Enforcement Procedure (TMS), a bailiff terminates enforcement proceedings for a pecuniary penalty and a pecuniary penalty for recovery due to the expiration of enforcement if the penalty has not been collected within seven years of the entry into force of the criminal judgment. According to the TMS, the limitation period for the execution of the decision is suspended for a specified probationary period. Due to the fact that a probationary period was applied, the claim has not yet expired.

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