Housing association issues

Apartment Ownership and Apartment Associations Act - abbreviation KrtS entered into force on 1 January 2018. This law regulates all legal relations related to apartment ownership.

All apartment properties are managed in the form of an independent legal entity - apartment association (KÜ).

We advise on all issues related to the legal aspects of the activities of apartment associations.

For example:

  • Formation of apartment ownership and apartment association;
  • Relations between apartment owners and apartment owner's obligations;
  • Preparation of UA documents, including amendment and correction of the articles of association;
  • Questions related to the conduct of the general meeting and the work of the Board of KÜ;
  • KÜ governance, ruler and house administration;
  • Apartment association property and accounting, reporting;
  • Termination of apartment ownership and apartment association;
  • How to solve debt problems?
  • Representation in court proceedings.

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