When resolving labor disputes, it often turns out that the dispute could have been avoided if the first steps had been taken correctly. So the best way to think about as many risks as possible is to start right away. Time-criticalness is particularly important - often an employee or employer has to give their answer or position very quickly, within days or hours.

Appropriate expertise is crucial in such a situation. We offer legal assistance to both employees and employers.

Labor law issues in which we can help clients include the following: employee and employer rights and obligations in employment, pay and salary issues, working time arrangements, holidays, preparation of job descriptions and procedures, posting, restriction of competition, contractual penalties, liability, employment contract with a foreigner, etc. We assist in drawing up an employment contract, changing it and terminating it (cancellation).

We prepare additional documents, such as a warning, agreement between the parties, transfer of the company, etc.

We recognize your need for an Estonian e-Residency. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity, and a status that provides access to Estonia's transparent digital business environment. We protect the best interest of our clients so that business owners can concentrate on daily operations.

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